Olloclip Lens for iPhone

I have had the Olloclip iPhone Lens for quite sometime now and I never ceased to be amazed at the quality of the photos that this little lens can produce with the iPhone 4S. Priced at a reasonable £59.99 this lens kit comprises of the following :

  • Macro Lens which applies roughly a 10X multiplier and allows you to focus the iPhone within 12-15mm of the subject
  • Wide Angle Lens with cover which gives you approximately double the field of view of the normal iPhone.
  • Fisheye Lens with cover which gives you 180 Degree field-of-view
  • A nice little bag to store them in


To use the fisheye lens you simply slide it over your iPhone with the larger lens covering your camera, to use the wide-angle simply switch it around. However, to use the Macro lens you need to unscrew the wide-angle lens from the Olloclip. This is where the bag comes in handy, once you have unscrewed the wide angle lens simply pop it in the bag and store it securely whilst you take your photos.

A couple of things to note is that due to the design of the lens it cannot be used with any case which to be quite frank that’s understandable. It fits snugly onto your iPhone 4/4S so that it won’t drop off and secondly it cannot be used with the flash on, well it can but you get reflections of itself, see below 😉

I recently read that you can remove the Fish Eye lens from the Olloclip by twisting it as if you were unscrewing it. However, I didn’t dare try it and well, to be honest although I rarely use the Fish Eye lens I would rather it remain attached lol.

All in all this is a cracking little lens and I would highly recommend it.

Check out some of the images I have taken with the Olloclip Lens for iPhone below, take a look at the Flickr Group and feel free to comment with links to your photo gallery either on Flickr or elsewhere.

Keeping Look Out
A fly on a dandelion, no edits using iPhone 4s and the Macro lens.
Keeping look out

Rocks of coffee
Instant Coffee granules on a spoon. iPhone 4S with Macro lens
Rocks of Coffee

Are you lost
iPhone 4S with Fisheye lens attached

Are you lost?

Another Charm
iPhone 4S with macro lens attached
Another Charm

Meeting of ladybirds
Again another iPhone 4S with macro lens shot
Meeting of LadyBirds

Pretty impressive eh! To see the difference between with and without the wide angle lens I took two photos in the same spot, as you can see the wide angle lens provides quite a significant jump in the visible area, with obvious distortions though.

Stadium of light WITHOUT lens
Stadium of Light

Stadium of light WITH wide angle lens
Stadium of Light Wide Angle

Stadium of light with fish eye lens
Fish Eye

Example of macro with flash on


Example of wide angle with flash on, guess I need to clean the lens eh!




Photographing the moon

This weekend the moon is apparently going to be the closest to the Earth for a long time. So, I decided to try photographing it for my participation, this is day 26.

Using my Canon 1000d equipped with a Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS I took a few shots. First one was just a white circle in the sky, so I adjusted the settings on camera and I ended up with this.

I cropped it and edited the curves a little using Pixelmator. All in all I am pretty pleased with how it turned out 🙂

The wait that's not right


Projecting light

I recently read an article about projecting light to creatively light up a subject. So I thought I would give this ago.

I had limited time to try this but here are my first few attempts using different bottles. The first one was out of focus but was giving me some idea of what I could expect.

This one I tried a different angle, and a different bottle.

There were many other shots which don’t work but I am fairly happy with this one. Due to where I was taking these photos (En-Suite) the angle had to be this way but next time I plan on attempting this head on and with other objects 😉

This one will be my day 25/365 from my participation.


Whipped to a…

Day 24 of 365

Tonight I made a double chocolate cheesecake which my wife will take into work on Friday, something to do with Red Nose Day, anyway here we have the whisks covered in some of the milk chocolate layer.

It truly is a delicious cheesecake by the way 😉

Whipped to a ...


Camera is BACK!!

As previously mentioned my Canon 1000d camera had developed a red hotspot as shown below which was getting in the way of my participation.

Camera has developed a fault

I emailed Canon about the fault and they said it needed to be sent in for repair and luckily for me the camera was still under warranty. So I boxed it up and sent it off last thursday and waited.

Well, today Canon have returned it. How about that for service :). I have tested it using the LCD and so far it looks like it’s completely fixed no annoying red dots, I am going to test if further tonight when I take todays shot.