Projecting light

I recently read an article about projecting light to creatively light up a subject. So I thought I would give this ago.

I had limited time to try this but here are my first few attempts using different bottles. The first one was out of focus but was giving me some idea of what I could expect.

This one I tried a different angle, and a different bottle.

There were many other shots which don’t work but I am fairly happy with this one. Due to where I was taking these photos (En-Suite) the angle had to be this way but next time I plan on attempting this head on and with other objects 😉

This one will be my day 25/365 from my participation.


Whipped to a…

Day 24 of 365

Tonight I made a double chocolate cheesecake which my wife will take into work on Friday, something to do with Red Nose Day, anyway here we have the whisks covered in some of the milk chocolate layer.

It truly is a delicious cheesecake by the way 😉

Whipped to a ...


Camera Faulty :(

Whilst editing the last few days photos I noticed a weird red dot which was more noticeable when the background was dark. I tested with several lens so I know it’s a camera fault.

Camera has developed a fault

So my camera has been sent to Canon for repair. They have quoted 5-10 days so my photos are going to be all taken with the iPhone until it comes back.


Pancake Day

Wooo Pancake Day! Pancake day is one of the few days I actually have pancakes even though I really like them lol. Rather than take a photo of the end result or a photo of the pancake being tossed I elected to take a shot of some of the ingredients that go into making them!

Day 16 of 365.

Pancake Day!