A new career in Football!

I play Football Manager 2011 and currently three seasons into running Sunderland AFC and second in Premier League with a few games remaining. I have the same points as Arsenal who are first as they have scored over 10 more than we have.

Looking around various forums people start out with a Sunday league experience and unemployed. Starting the game like this is pretty frustrating as it can take a long time to be offered a job – even if at all lol. The key is to ensure you include the lower leagues.

So, this is exactly what I am going to do. I normally struggle with Football Manager games, and although I am quite pleased with the way my Sunderland game is going I imagine this is going to be highly frustrating for me. I will try to keep it up but who knows how it’s going to end up lol.

I plan on posting monthly updates (that’s game months not actual months) on how I am getting on, so for those non-football supporting readers – sorry and I will try to post random crap as usual lol. I plan on creating a background history to it too, to make it a bit interesting hahaha – yeah right.

More to follow…