PS3 Slim won’t play Blu-Ray movies – A fix

Recently I have noticed that most of my Blu-Ray movies wouldn’t mount on my Playstation 3 Slim, video games load fine, and DVD’s load fine. It’s actually rare that I bother to watch them on the Playstation but with more movies being bought on that format for the kids I needed to resolve this issue with it being the only Blu-Ray player we have.

Inserting certain Blu-Ray movies into the PS3 will result in the disc never appearing on the XMB.
The disc will spin and there will be a constant clunking noise as the lens moves back an forth.
The disc will re-seat and the process will happen again until finally the PS3 gives up but will not eject the disc.

After getting frustrated with this I did a search on Google and finally came across a comment by someone which stated turning off one option in video settings would cure the above as long as the drive wasn’t faulty.

Settings -> Video Settings -> 1080p 24Hz Output (HDMI) -> OFF

That’s it, insert the Blu-Ray and it should then mount the movie and play it fine. I have posted this simply because it will remind me how to resolve this issue if I experience it again  and hopefully to make it easier for other people to find this fix.

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