70% off Mac Games from Origin (EA)

Origin are running a sale at the moment that provides . That works out at quite a saving! Looking at this further it would appear that it’s until 15th April (My birthday! ;))


EA Sale – Fifa 13 for only £0.69p

Electronic Arts currently have an iOS sale on at the moment, 55 games with up to 90% off. The highlight for me is Fifa 13 being £0.69p

Here is just a few of the iPhone apps that are £0.69p
Battlefield:Bad Company 2
Fifa 13
Need for Speed Most Wanted
Word Smack
The Sims 3

and a few iPad apps again that are £o.69p
Battlefield:Bad Company 2 for iPad
Command & Conquer Red Alert for iPad
Fifa 13
Need for Speed Most Wanted
Word Smack

This is just a selection of the many games that have been reduced. Got to love the EA iOS sales 🙂
Electronic Arts


A new career in Football!

I play Football Manager 2011 and currently three seasons into running Sunderland AFC and second in Premier League with a few games remaining. I have the same points as Arsenal who are first as they have scored over 10 more than we have.

Looking around various forums people start out with a Sunday league experience and unemployed. Starting the game like this is pretty frustrating as it can take a long time to be offered a job – even if at all lol. The key is to ensure you include the lower leagues.

So, this is exactly what I am going to do. I normally struggle with Football Manager games, and although I am quite pleased with the way my Sunderland game is going I imagine this is going to be highly frustrating for me. I will try to keep it up but who knows how it’s going to end up lol.

I plan on posting monthly updates (that’s game months not actual months) on how I am getting on, so for those non-football supporting readers – sorry and I will try to post random crap as usual lol. I plan on creating a background history to it too, to make it a bit interesting hahaha – yeah right.

More to follow…


My PS3 and YLOD

A few days ago my PS3 turned off whilst playing COD:WaW. It simply froze, turned off with a flashing red led. So I waited a few minutes, turned it back on and all was ok.

Or so I thought

The next day my son was playing Ratchet and Clank when it did the same thing, except this time it would not come back on. When I turned it on several hours later I noticed Green Led -> Yellow Led -> Flashing Red Led. Checking the internet shows this was a YLOD which basically means it has a hardware issue and requires to be sent to be repaired. Sony want £150 for a refurbished unit and after a scan of repair companies I found a company called Console Doctor, and the good news about that is they are a local company and it would cost £69.99 to repair.

At this point I decided to do a bit of research into the error to see what it most likely is. There are many many reports of this problem and the diagnosis is that the chips on the motherboard are likely not to be seated correctly due to movement when overheated during use.

A possible solution :

If, like me, you are confident in taking things apart then there is something you can try.

Tools Required :

  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Small flatblade screwdriver (or Torx security screwdriver)
  • Faulty PS3
  • Heat Gun (yes that’s right a heat gun).

Then follow what this guy does here

I followed this and lo and behold my PS3 is now functional, not sure for how long but for now it works! WOOHOO