Downtime, lack of posts etc…

Well, how embarrassing is this! After telling loads of my customers that they need to change the IP address of their domain names in order for their sites to remain visible  I go and forget to update this myself meaning this site has been offline for a month! DOH!!!!

For shame!

On a more serious note I intend to start posting again, even if no one reads it lol


My PS3 and YLOD

A few days ago my PS3 turned off whilst playing COD:WaW. It simply froze, turned off with a flashing red led. So I waited a few minutes, turned it back on and all was ok.

Or so I thought

The next day my son was playing Ratchet and Clank when it did the same thing, except this time it would not come back on. When I turned it on several hours later I noticed Green Led -> Yellow Led -> Flashing Red Led. Checking the internet shows this was a YLOD which basically means it has a hardware issue and requires to be sent to be repaired. Sony want £150 for a refurbished unit and after a scan of repair companies I found a company called Console Doctor, and the good news about that is they are a local company and it would cost £69.99 to repair.

At this point I decided to do a bit of research into the error to see what it most likely is. There are many many reports of this problem and the diagnosis is that the chips on the motherboard are likely not to be seated correctly due to movement when overheated during use.

A possible solution :

If, like me, you are confident in taking things apart then there is something you can try.

Tools Required :

  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Small flatblade screwdriver (or Torx security screwdriver)
  • Faulty PS3
  • Heat Gun (yes that’s right a heat gun).

Then follow what this guy does here

I followed this and lo and behold my PS3 is now functional, not sure for how long but for now it works! WOOHOO



It’s been a while since I last updated. Personal issues and just being busy has prevented me from updating my blog.

My mother has been ill, an Uncle died, an aunty died, my job has been in jeopardy and now I have been involved in a car crash.

What else can life throw at me? Who knows, but it’s about time I had some good things happen this year instead of all being bad.

Incidentally, my MacBook Pro since getting replaced again has been perfect. 🙂 Will be back again updating more frequently as of tomorrow!


Home Set Up – A rethink!

The way I use my Macs at home is all wrong.

I have the following main machines:

  1. MacBook Pro – used the most
  2. Mac mini – home server
  3. 24″ Aluminium iMac – Home office Mac

The machine I use the most is without doubt the MacBook Pro. I use it at work, home, when away etc…. and it sits on the edge of the sofa, much to the distaste of my wife 😉

Mac miniThe iMac is my home office machine tucked away in the loft where I go to get away from the kids to work 😉

My Mac mini, which sits in the shoe cupboard ;), is controlled by Screen Sharing or via a 7″ touchscreen.

This machine is used to store all our family photos, my iTunes purchases which are also synched to the Apple TV, as an answering machine using Ovolab phlink, and it also monitors my web servers in London using Simon. Oh, it’s also used to sync music and playlists onto the iPod video which sits in a speaker system in the bedroom.

The main issue I have found recently is that I have been buying more and more music on iTunes which are downloaded on the mini but then not easily available to sync onto my iPhone or wanted to print some images from iPhoto. I have been downloading what I want onto the mini then copying over to the iMac or MacBook Pro as an when needed.

So, I have been thinking that I need to re-arrange the way I have the system setup and should use the iMac as the machine which stores all my photo’s (a lot easier to manage the photo events on the larger screen ;)), music, playlists, sync with Apple TV, iPhone and iPod. Then set up an Automator script which backs up the iPhoto and iTunes library folders to the Mac mini and MacBook Pro as and when I make changes.

Thoughts? How do you handle music, photo’s on multiple Macs? Is there software already out there that would handle all this a lot easier?

I have merged the Mac mini data and the iMac data together and now scheduled a script which will run on a weekly basis to synchronise the iMac Pictures and Music folder to the Mac mini. After the first time this runs, which said it would take 6 hours to back up pictures alone 😮  I will then change it to be daily if it truly does just synchronise. I have a feeling it may start the iPhoto one from scratch each time. Ah well will soon find out 😉