It’s been a while since I last updated. Personal issues and just being busy has prevented me from updating my blog.

My mother has been ill, an Uncle died, an aunty died, my job has been in jeopardy and now I have been involved in a car crash.

What else can life throw at me? Who knows, but it’s about time I had some good things happen this year instead of all being bad.

Incidentally, my MacBook Pro since getting replaced again has been perfect. 🙂 Will be back again updating more frequently as of tomorrow!

One thought on “Apologies

  1. Sorry to hear about everything that’s been going on in your life 🙁 2009 has been a terrible year personally for me too. Writing/being creative when life throws stuff at you isn’t easy.

    Glad to hear your replacement MacBook Pro is problem-free 🙂 Hoping the second half of 2009 is kinder to both of us. Take care.

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