Twitter Updates for 2009-02-23

  • @purplelime I like it! in reply to purplelime #
  • @tomacintosh me too. Macbook Pro 15″. Going to wait until next update I reckon. in reply to tomacintosh #
  • Managed to push it back on. Seems solid but better get it glued in place. #
  • Aww man. Silence switch just fell off iPhone. #
  • Get your 25 seconds of fame with Tweetube for Mac OS X http://tinyurl.com/d3kp7o (via @TUAW) tempted? I’m not 😉 in reply to TUAW #
  • @purplelime Cool, that’s the one I have ordered. Will post pics when it arrives. Want a chat one when available but not sure which yet 🙂 in reply to purplelime #
  • Is hoping Everton will beat the Mags.  #
  • @purplelime Always a bonus when you discover money you were not expecting sitting in your account 🙂 in reply to purplelime #
  • Think I will use iNove WordPress theme for my blog. Now linked to my profile. #
  • Going to sit down and watch last night’s match of the day in peace and quiet! Well apart from @tweetdeck chirp 😉 #
  • @tomacintosh I removed them on one theme but the license states they must be left in tact, shame as I liked the theme. in reply to tomacintosh #
  • Finding a good WordPress theme is a lot harder than I expected. Sponsored links, ie links to sites other than the creator seem to be common. #
  • Morning, trying out different wordpress themes for my new site. #

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