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I have been searching for quite some time for a theme for this site, there are just so many themes out there, some crap some absolutely great and it’s been really difficult finding one. Seriously, you would think that this was EASY but I have found it incredibly difficult.

I had decided to use Magaling, but I had problems with the footer in that it would simply not show. So I decoded the footer, removed links to the sites I did not want on my blog though left the creator link in.

This then worked perfectly. However, as part of the license you cannot remove the links at the bottom 

You are FREE to use the theme whether in original or modified form provided that the footer links at the bottom area are intact on every page.

I do appreciate that creating themes is incredibly time consuming and when released free they should get something in return. However, I just don’t think I can  agree with the type of links, (Dating Sites) at the current time.

So the search continues…… expect changes from time to time until I do manage to find one that looks great but does not have sponsored links in, or even includes an option to remove the links at a small cost.

Currently evaluating : 

(Not so) Fresh
Pixeled Just did not look right.

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