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Recently I took a new hobby – Photography!

After hunting around for an Entry level D-SLR and asking a few people what they recommend I took the plunge and purchased a Canon 1000D with 18-55 Kit lens from Currys (also got a healthy discount too ;)).

A relative also gave me a Canon 80-200mm non IS lens which has come in handy for taking shots of my sons football training sessions as I learn to get to grips with the camera.

What I have found with this camera is that it’s A LOT harder than a simple point and shoot camera so I have been struggling with it. Getting the right settings has perplexed me no end resulting in me shooting using the Automatic modes more often than not.

However, during a recent photoshoot at my Son’s football training session I realised that I had to learn more on the features of the camera and to select the right settings. As you can see from the photo below on the left it’s quite out of focus / too soft. This was using the Automatic Focus settings. So after a week of reading/researching I realised that i had to use Aperture-Priority mode and also change the focus to AI Servo and use a single point of focus and it’s turned out much better though the light plays a big part in it I reckon lol

Click on the photo for an enlarged version.

So look out for more blog posts about my new hobby and if you have any advice / constructive criticisms please feel free to comment on each post as they come. More of my photos can be viewed on my flickr page.

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