Connecting Sky HD box to Wifi

Since I moved to Sky for my phone and broadband we were offered the ability to have Sky Anytime+ I duly signed up but was told the Wireless adaptor would cost around £60 and as the broadband router is nowhere near my Sky box I needed to find an alternative and hopefully cheaper solution that does not involve running CAT5 cable through two rooms.

Doing a search on Google and eBay I found that there were several USB powered wifi bridges I could use, a quick test of my Sky HD box shows that the USB port is inactive and provides no power. Back to Google I went and found that quite a few people were using a TP-Link Wireless Access Point.

So I opted for the TP-Link TL-WA701ND 150Mbps Wireless Lite N Access Point which was only £17.99 from Amazon.


TP-Link WA701ND Wireless Access Point

In order to set up the TP Link you need a computer. I connected the device to my MacBook Pro via the supplied ethernet cable and configured my Ethernet Network settings as follows :

IP :
Subnet :
Router :

Fired up Safari and connected to, entered the admin username and password (which is admin by default). As Sky configure their broadband routers to be on the – range you need to change the IP address of the TP-Link Box.

To do this you need to click on the Network link on the left hand side and change the values on that page. I configured mine as follows and clicked save.


Type : Static IP
IP :
Subnet :
Gateway : (This is my Sky router IP address)

Once the device rebooted I logged back in to the admin pages (the device should automatically refresh to and continued to set the wireless part of it up.


I elected to set it up in Client mode with the following settings :

Enable WDS : unchecked
SSID : My wireless network name
Region : United Kingdom
Channel Width : 20/40Mhz
Enable Wireless Radio : checked

I then clicked Survey, clicked connect on my wireless network from the list of wifi networks that it had found.
This then put the MAC address of the Sky broadband router in the MAC of AP box and finally I clicked save. At this point I was offered to reboot, you can at this point but there is no need as you will have to reboot it later.

Wireless Security

PSK Password : entered my wireless network password, everything else was left as is and I clicked save. Again I was offered to reboot, do not reboot yet.

DHCP Settings

In the DHCP setting page I set it up as follows and clicked save. At this point I rebooted the device.
DHCP Server : Enable
Start IP
End IP
Default Gateway :
Primary DNS :

Once the TP-Link device had rebooted I then plugged the Ethernet cable in to the Sky HD box

On the Sky HD Box

From the TV Guide I selected Settings -> Network -> Select
The Sky box then performed a Network search and came back with the following
Local Connection : OK
Service Connection : OK
IP Address :

That’s it,  Sky Anytime+ is now working great.

10 thoughts on “Connecting Sky HD box to Wifi

  1. Thanks for providing a very useful post.

    One thing I found with this device was that the Sky router’s SSID needs to be broadcast in order for a connection to be made. SSID broadcasting is required even though you may have selected the SSID radio button on the TP-Link’s wireless settings page. NB by default, the Sky router does broadcast its SSID, so this comment has been made for those of you who like to change the default settings!

  2. Thanks for the detail as this is something that I was looking to do but couldn’t find any tutorials until now!

  3. Thanks for the post, i tried following this to setup my new TP-Link with sky+ box and i’m having trouble!

    I’m using a belkin F5D8233-4v3, not a sky router, the IP address is with a IP pool range upto .100, for some reason, maybe my lack of technical knowledge!, i cant setup the Network section on the TP link set page.

    When i use for TP LInk IP address and as gateway i cant connect again!

    I’m sure i’m doing something stupid… an any of you kind folk put me straight on this?

    Many thanks in advance!

  4. I get so far down the line with this but then my internet wont work. Please help or I could launch it through the window soon. lol.

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  6. Sky have sent me 3 connectors for free,just signed up for another 12months. They also discounted my phone line at zero charge for 12 months.

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